The Phoenix Foundation launch event: Tuesday 27th January 2015, Houses of Parliament. How can you help?

Phoenix Foundation Goals

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  • To supply Phoenix Foundation Burns Boxes to every relevant medical facility in conflict zones particularly where the use of incendiary devices and thermal bombs are common.
  • To create and supply basic first aid burns care training through electronic media such as USBs carried within the burns boxes.
  • To create and supply online burns care training direct to doctors, nurses and carers in conflict zones.
  • To provide specialised burns training in safe neighbouring countries for medical teams working in conflict zones. They will then return to their hospitals with newly acquired expertise which in turn can be taught to their own colleagues in those regions.
  • To offer trauma psychotherapy facilitated through War Child and immediate assistance to children and their families as they come to terms with their situation.
  • To offer logistical support and practical support to families and victims who have been transferred out of their own countries as a consequence of their burns injuries in need of specialised care. This will include food, clothing, financial support, translators, trauma counsellors and safe places to stay.
  • To advise affected families about organisations and networks that exist in their areas set up to help them to rebuild their lives - and to facilitate contact.
  • To provide public safety information within refugee camps to educate on the dangers of using flammable equipment within tents such as heaters, candles and stoves.
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No child should have to bear the unparalleled agony of a burns injury without adequate essential medical care. In conflict zones a significant amount of injuries amongst children are burns related and their access to the right immediate and long-term treatment can be severely limited.